Konzert+Party: Shredhead (Metal Israel) Support: Reap Home

Shredhead (Metal Israel) + Support: Reap Home
Wie moderner Metal dieser Tage klingen kann, das definieren in ihren jeweiligen Sparten unterschiedliche Bands. Eine davon sind die Trashhead, . s SHREDHEAD sind bereits seit 12 Jahren und aktuell auf Tour in Europa. So, staten sie auch Berlin einen Besuch ab.


Aftershow Party!
All Styles of Metal,

Party: ᴛᴇᴄʜ ɴᴏɪʀ & ᴘᴀɪɴᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ – 80ꜱ ᴇxᴛʀᴀᴠᴀɢᴀɴᴢᴀ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴇʀ


We are BACK with the hottest tunes fresh out of the flux capacitor⚡ Prepare for a fiendish mix of 80s synth & metal⚡
𝔐𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔠 𝔪𝔦𝔰𝔠𝔥𝔦𝔢𝔣 🎸
Vintage Heavy, Speed, NWOBHM, Proto, Obscure, Thrash, AOR, Doom & Epic Metal garnished with the best of HARD ROCKIN tunes!
ꜱʏɴᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ ꜱɪɴꜱ 🎹
Electronic escapades meandering between the fluent membranes of Synth, Italo, contemporary and 80s Wave, New Beat, Dark Disco, Proto-Techno and EBM

FLOTONIUM HELLSTRYKER (Tech Noir, Tokyo Nightdrive, Audio Vacanze)
M.MASERATI (Tech Noir)


Konzert+Party: „The Flatfield“ (Gothic Rock\Post-Punk Fin) + „Di.Unru“(Post-Punk Fin) Aftershow Party: „Passion of Lovers“

Party: Factory


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Wave, Gothic, Post-Punk, Indie, Synthpop, 80’s, Coldwave
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Eintritt: 6 Euro


Konzert: Lange Nacht der Indieschönheit

03. 05.2024
Konzert: Doom in Bloom presents: Apostle of Solitude (US) & Mountain Throne (DE)

Doors 8 p.m.
Doom 9 p.m.


Slaughterhouse & DIB präsentieren: Sincerest Misery in your bloodiest underground venue in town! Come in and Doom out with:

✟✟✟ Apostle of Solitude
Traditional Doom – Indianapolis, USA

FFO: Pallbearer, Warning, Solitude Aeturnus.

✟✟✟ Mountain Throne
Epic Heavy Doom – Esslingen

Newest LP „The Silver Light“ self released in February 2024.

FFO: Grand Magus, Argus, Khemmis.

Gefördert von der Initiative Musik und der Beauftragten der
Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von Live 500.

Konzert: Black Magic Six (Psych-Voodoo-Billy-Rock n Roll\Garage Punk)

Doors: 20,30
Show : 21,30
Curfew : 23,00

Black Magic Six (Psych\Rock n Roll\Garage Punk Fin)
“Soulful, gritty and utterly addictive, no one with a pulse will be able to resist Black Magic Six’s primal jam.” – Sonic Abuse webzine
Three albums and 250 shows in 21 countries during the last five years under their belt, Black Magic Six is Finland’s hardest working band in the underground rock´n´roll scene. A power duo consisting of a percussionist and a guitar-wielding singer, BM6 play relentlessly emotional bursts of dark, primal rock’n’roll energy.

Konzert & Party: Die Tödin (Cold Wave DE ) + MonsterTanz mit Kultur Schwarz dj Team! (Dark Electronic Gathering)

Doors: 20.00
Showtime: 21.00
Party: 0.00

Black Web Tourbooking und Slaughterhouse Berlin präsentieren!

Die Tödin Live

MonsterTanz mit KulturSchwarz DJ Team.
Post-Punk, Cold Wave, Dark Synth, Future-Pop, Dark Techno, Goth Rock. 

Konzert & Party: Dear Deer (Post-Punk FR) + Resistance Wave and Post-Punk Night with DJs Orlög + Yami Specchie

Doors: 20.00
Show: 21,30
Party 23,30
Curfew: 06.00

Black Web Tourbooking Berlin and Slaughterhouse Berlin present:
Join the Resistance and dance your post-WGT depression away to the sounds of: Post-Punk, Cold Wave, Dark Synth, EBM, Industrial, Dark Folk and Etherial Sounds with the legendary DJs: Ralf Örlog as DJ Orlog, (Duncker Club\Dark Monday Founder) and Yami Speccie plus special Guest)

Live on Stage:
Dear Deer (Post-Punk Fr)
Social medias
Instagram :
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Twitter :
Bandcamp :
Spotify :…

Vidéos : Live & Clips

Dear Deer

This duo from the capital of french Flanders forms a couple both on stage and in real life since 2015. Influenced by The Kills, New Order, or even the B-52’s, their sound is at the crossroads of pop-rock, electro and new-wave.
Glamorous, their glittery aesthetic sustains a disco and nervous rhythm, coated with fuzzy bass and guitars. Tailor-made for live circuit in a small club or at the borders of Western Europe, they share their furious desire to dance, it smells like holidays in Berlin and the 80s dancefloor!
After a self-released demo, quickly appears the first album “Oh my…” in 2016 (Manic Depression/ Swiss Dark Nights). “Chew-chew” (Manic Depression / Swiss Dark Nights), their second album released in 2018 appears to be even more dancing.
Their third album “Collect & reject”, even more influenced by a disco and electro atmosphere, was released on March 25, 2022, after two colourful videos singles “Joan” and “Love like capitalists” (club edit).

Party: Factory


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Wave, Gothic, Post-Punk, Indie, Synthpop, 80’s, Coldwave
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Eintritt: 6 Euro

Konzert & Party: Peter und die Attentaeter + Aeon of Awareness + Nicht der Redewert | Konzert + Record Release Party

Doors: 20:00 Uhr

VVK Preis: 13€ AK: 14€

Death Metal meets Satire meets Punk Attitüde. Fast ein Jahr ist es her, dass Peter Komma Der sein erstes Solo Album „Der Peter in Dir“ veröffentlichte. Inzwischen hat sich die Band „Peter und die Attentaeter“ formiert. Zwei Gründe zu feiern! Im Slaughterhouse Berlin spielt die satirische, deutschsprachige Metalband mit Einflüssen aus Death Metal, Grindcore, Heavy und Black Metal das gesamte Album in voller Länge, gerahmt und begleitet mit kabarettistischer Gitarrenmusik von Peter Komma Der. Unterstützung für die Newcomer kommt dabei von den führenden Leipziger Melodic Death Metal Experten „Aeon of Awareness“, die die Republik schon seit 2020 mit ihren technisch versierten, düsteren und vor Energie berstenden Kompositionen begeistern. „Nicht der Rede wert“ sind die Opener des Abends – Wortwitz beabsichtigt: Seit zwanzig Jahren im Geschäft und mit Wurzeln Skatepunk heizt die Combo routiniert ganze Säle auf und ein.


Peter und DIe Attentaeter | New Wave of Heavy German Death | Berlin

Aeon of Awareness | Melodic Death Metal | Leipzig (Special Guest)

Nicht der Rede wert | Hardcore Punk | Berlin (Support)


Konzert & Party: The Future is Female: Bestial Mouths (Witch Wave\Industrial USA) and (Dark Synth Odessa UA) Aftershow: MonsterTANZ!  Future is Female Edition.

Doors: 20.00
Showtime: 21.00
Party: 0.00


With the Future is Female Project we are trying to help female artists from all over the world, to reastablish their progressive artistic concepts aside of the mainstream in the male dominated Music Industry.

BESTIAL MOUTHS (Experimental Pagan Witch Wave USA)
Bestial Mouths are a real tribute to their name: Feral, intense. Luscious. They sound like blood dripping off lips or
flesh torn from bone. Haunting Witch Wave, Pagan Electronics and trully female power Ritual are just few words to describe the perfomance and sound of this exceptational artists. It contains the power of Siouxsie, Zola Jesus or Monika Richards surounded by the experemental sound paterns which are breaking the genre borders in unity of Electronic Elements, Industrial and Dark Wave. But, no words will be enough to describe the expirience . Come and see yourself if you dare.
In their decade-plus existence, BESTIAL MOUTHS have worked with many acclaimed producers and
artists. Zola Jesus, Mick Harvey, Egyptrixx, Boy Harsher, Die Krupps, Mater Suspiria Vision, Zanias, The Horrorist, and Ludovico Technique are just a few collaborators, while they’ve shared the
stage with the likes of Psychic TV, Austra, Chelsea Wolfe, DAF, 3 Teeth, OAKE, Front Line Assembly, White Ring, Suicide Commando, David J, King Dude, Youth Code, Cut Hands and Light

Farba Kingdom (Dark Synth UA)

The band was formed in 2019 when the newlywed’s Daniel and Lisa Farba began recording their songs in the home studio. Thanks to the Internet, Farba Kingdom’s music quickly spread to radio stations on all continents and gained a strong fan base in the United States, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and South Africa.

Argentine music portal “Delta 80,” wrote about Farba Kingdom music: “They cultivate experimental music wrapped in extremely interesting, and sometimes hypnotic and new electronic rock. The songs revolve around freedom, and the melodies express freshness and ambition.“

3rd Act tba:

Aftershow: MonsterTanz – Future is Female Edition.
All styles of dark Music from female or female fronted artists.

Konzert & Party: Girls under Glass (Gothic Rock\Metal\Electronik DE)

Doors: 21.00
Beginn: 21.30
Stagetime : William Bleak 21,30
Stagetime : ca GUG 22.30
Aftershow: ca. 0.00
DJs : Rebel L (Dance Dance Revolution) + tba


Black Web Tourbooking und Slaughterhouse Berlin präsentieren:

Girls under Glass (Gothic Rock\Metal\Electronik DE)
Support: William Bleak (


Die 1986 in Hamburg gegründete Electro Gothic & Wave Band GIRLS UNDER GLASS wurde als Special Guest von Bands wie Red Lorry Yellow Lorry und Fields Of The Nephilim schnell zu Stars der nationalen Gothic-& Wave Szene.
Nach zehn Studioalben und dem hochgelobten zuletzt veröffentlichtem Album „Zyklus“ im Jahr 2005 machte sich die Band bis zum Jubiläums-Comeback im Jahr 2016 rar.

2023 war es dann soweit: Nach 18 Jahren Kreativpause melden sich GIRLS UNDER GLASS mit neuem Album „Backdraft“ zurück, welches von den Medien und den Fans gleichermaßen gut aufgenommen wird (u.a. Sonic Seducer Album des Monats Juni/Juli sowie #1 der Sonic Seducer Jahresauswertung). Mit Songs wie „Tainted“ featuring Mortiis sowie „We Feel Alright“ und dem bereits 2018 von Chris Harms produzierten Clubmonster „Endless Nights“ haben die Girls reichlich Hits im Gepäck und zeigen sich auch live in absoluter Topform. Live performen die Girls 2024 ein Best Of Set aus der gesamten Schaffensperiode.

Founded in Hamburg in 1986, the electro gothic & wave band GIRLS UNDER GLASS quickly became stars of the national gothic & wave scene as special guests of bands such as Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Fields Of The Nephilim.
After ten studio albums and the highly acclaimed last album „Zyklus“ in 2005, the band made themselves rare until their anniversary comeback in 2016.

In 2023 finally the time had come: after an 18-year creative break, GIRLS UNDER GLASS returned with their new album „Backdraft“, which was well received by the media and fans alike (including Sonic Seducer Album of the Month June/July and #1 in the Sonic Seducer annual ranking). With songs such as „Tainted“ featuring Mortiis, „We Feel Alright“ and the club monster „Endless Nights“, which was produced by Lord Of The Lost mastermind Chris Harms the girls have plenty of hits in their luggage and are also in absolute top form live on stage. In 2024 Girls Under Glass will perform a best-of set from their entire creative period.

Konzert: Charles De Goal (Wave\Post-Punk Legend FR)

Doors: 21:00
Stagetime : 22:00

Black Web Tourbooking + Slaughterhouse Berlin präsentieren:

Charles De Goal (Wave\Post-Punk Legend FR)

Charles De Goal is the project of one man, Patrick Blain. For several years, Charles De Goal, who will not give concerts before 1985, maintains anonymity: no one knows who hides behind the singer and the rumors are going well.

After two albums oscillating between punk and cold wave , minimalist, dark and nervous (the first, “Algorythmes”, marked a whole generation, and not only in France), Charles De Goal picks up a few hits With TV and radio channels. A last album appeared in 1986, followed by a compilation in 1989: the new titles recorded until 1992 will only be released in 2005, as a bonus on the CD reissue of Algorythmes. In Monkey Test , a much more electric punk band, we find Patrick Blain in the mid-2000s.